Wednesday 18. June 1997         
The dayly newspaper POLITIKEN     
From pig to man (transplant)
Is it really disgusting with pig hearts?

Dan Civa, pictorial artist

   IS IT SOMETHING mess to live as a human with a pig's heart? The issue came up again in a British documentary television program in the DR 2 on June 5 1997.   The growing problem today with usable organs from people will in 10-12 years be remedied with xenotransplantation from animals to humans. Industrialized donor farms with transgenic pigs are growing up in England and in other countries. Breeding of pigs and monkeys (especially baboons) as donors, takes place, in such spare parts inventories for living organs of flesh and blood to the human body's continued function. Almost as parts for automobiles.
   In an era of neglect and abuse of both children and animals around the world, occurs at the same time a paradoxical dilemma. Animal-donors are cared better than our children. Here we must call into question in the logic of disorted proportion.
   Contemporary transplant experiments with for example hearts from pigs and monkeys to humans, and cloning with animals etc is only a preliminary test on human reaction to these opportunities. Of course, such engineered transplant methods are realized and will be widely used in a few years.
   Hearts, livers and kidneys, etc. from animals in a human body can be enough extend a person's life, but the new technology will also push our selfishness well toward extensive commercial interests. This is the unspoken wish in reality that man one day will have full control over life and death through profit and power.
   Whether we like it or not, we will be to follow the new times incredible scientific opportunities. What can not be used from pigs to man's biological life extension, will end up on the dinner table.  Since we are not in this country (as elsewhere) eat monkeys will also monkeyhearts work best in its own body  This will therefore approx. in 30 years could be transplanted with the man.
   Thus, our kinship with the primates again reconciled. In a new technological dimension human sense and brutish strength will end up in a higher unity. Futures unimaginable transgenic opportunities of manipulations will obliterate its limitations. However, creation of life is still a heart.

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