The dayly newspaper MORGENAVISEN JYLLANDS POSTEN  *   Wednesday, 11. August 1993
Genetic modification technology is developing rapidly, and a combination 
of human and animals may soon be possible, whether we like it or not
Genetically engineered human animals

By Dan Civa
NEW TIMES brings new kind of life forms. Soon it will be possible, using the génetic engineering technic
to create a combination of human and animal. Maybe a scary thought for many today, but not more utopian,
than it might be a realistic recognition of tomorrow.

Lava flow of  knowledge
A reasoned response can result in a "compromise solution" to apologize mans physical weakness through
the animal's innate strength. The genetic engineering is as a lava flow of knowledge through an open door,
 which no longer can be closed. Man found the key to this door and thus the beginning of life itself and
its development on our planet Earth. And with human curiosity will this development continue, it can not stop.
The truth is that the already achieved research results with genetic engineering, chromosome studies and
cloning (uniform propagation), etc., are in such rapid development that the knowledge acquired today
will push development even faster tomorrow

Science can hurt, especially if it is new and just seems difficult for us to consider.
In the the light of genetic engineering, man has acquired a new dimension of cunning to get his way.
With the key to life the powerful man soon will be able to use the technic of genetic engineering 
to mass produce human clones, as it is already made with animals and plants.
This cloning can lead to human androids (robots) -so what more? - Now everything is possible!
One can only guess wether the key to life itself, researchers believe to have found,
 is identical to the fruit of "Tree of Life".


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