Sunday, 15. Maj 1994           

We are all killers

     By  DAN CIVA
We are all killers
ALL are we "killers" and more or less indirectly involved in the everyday killings. But we do not like the words, they give us guilt. Then we put all bad responsibility on "real killers"and other criminals who practice violence and death or cause it to happen. This allows us to put the finger on law and order as a judicial shield against our priority "infallibility". And repress the truth by, for example describe our actions as a necessity for survival. That we actually all kill remains of words and emotions curse. The animals are more honest and more conscious existence. They give birth and live, chasing, playing and love, and most kill only in self defense or of starvation. After the instinctive rules and unwritten laws of nature.

Power of Dignity
The Knowledge Man magnify themselves openly with his intelligence, while guilt wrapped in self-appointed power of dignity. With superior conscience can we continue as "carnivorous humans", while thousands of pigs, cows, horses and others, and many more chickens have to die for our insatiable. In many other countries are natural living choice indeed more comprehensive and gastronomic specialized.

"What you do not see, you have no pity," it says. Nor does the microscopic world of life around us, within us and everywhere, as contains many billions of times more species than we are humans. The insects we step on, the flies and mosquitoes, we enjoy to kill and many other life forms that crawl, walk, fly and swim and also belongs to the earth life. It makes me always think of the holy Indian man as split naked and carefully go through the city streets, while he with a fan-broom sweeps in front of every step he takes - not to step on even the smallest insect, as it for him means killing.

Killing frenzy
The technological man of our era is long overdue rocked the passionate killer mentality of it. Whether human murderous inclinations are intentional or bestial instincts, so sorry it's not a bug priority systematization of everyday killings. When most of us now even admits our need of carnivorous, should our wisdom have led to more humane respect for the animals we kill. And thereby reduced our reputation as "the most dangerous and brutal animal" on Earth. Yet we have only modestly turned back to Roman time of cruel mass slaughter of both animals and humans. Nobody can suppose nor claim it is a "natural cycle", when people butcher each other in the many hells of war, in which the blood flows, while children, adolescents and older screaming in pain and violence for power. The wise and yet so aggressive man kills of vindictiveness, lust for power and fear. We must wish and hope that the wisdom of man will soon manage its knowledge better, so all the killing frenzy ceases. Better today than tomorrow. The development can easily reach in a global and universal scent that can lead to extinction of all life on our shared and yet so wonderful planet Earth. It must not happen!
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