Tuesday 14. June 1994
Berlingske Tidende 1. sektion            

Future bastards in human and animals


One of nature's greatest wonders is the heart. A brilliant muscle pump that beats life's own rhythm, and are influenced by emotion and sentiment. Heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in Denmark may be due to too much of the durable body, the heart. Our stressful time people are eating may be wrong, have demanding work, get too little sleep and living with mental tension etc.

Now there is hope ahead. In a few years we do not need, if necessary, to put us up in a long body-queue for a replacement heart or something else that do not adjust to our body and brain function thoughts and desires. We will quickly be able to transplant a new, perhaps healthier heart in our chest from a pig or a monkey.

Such tests have long been made elsewhere in the world, with liver and kidney from animals to humans. The problem today with a great shortage of donor organs from people like about 10-15 years could be resolved with organ transplants from animals to humans. They will breed pigs and monkeys (especially baboons) as donors. Industrialized donor farms will grow as stocks of spare parts for living bodies of flesh and blood, human body's forward function. Almost as parts for automobiles.

The paradoxical dilemma is that in an era of neglect and maltreatment of children and animals, animal donors will be looked after better than our children. Here we must call into question a proportion-distortion of logic. Although transplantation of example hearts from animals in a human body may extend a person's life, the new technology while pushing our selfishness well ahead. Because the unspoken wish in reality that man one day will have full control over life and death. We will be to follow the new times unbelievable, scientific opportunities, whether we like it or not.

What can not be used from pigs to man's biological life-extension, will end at the dinner table by a parallel aim for survival. Since we are not in this country (as elsewhere) eating monkeys will also monkey hearts work best in its own body. This will be even able to transplant with the man. Thus, our kinship with the primates again reconciled. And in a new technological dimension of human sense and brute strength to form a synthesis.

The brave new world unimaginable speed perspective will destroy its limitations. However, creation of life is still a heart.

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