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Wednesday, 1. February 1995

"The paradoxical dilemma is -
in a time of neglect and abuse of both children and animals
-that animal donors will be cared for better than our children "
 The search for eternal life
  by Dan Civa

The development of génetic engineering is a lava flow of knowledge through an open door, no more can be closed. Human has found the key to this door and the entrance of life itself and its development of our planet Earth.   And with human curiosity will this trend continue, it can not more be stopped.

We are already in the door to the promised appointed country, where perhaps once every human disease can be cured. Or where deviations from the so-called normal can be corrected medically. These repair options in human anatomy and behavior, with perfection ambitions, is a risky processing from millions of years of evolution.

In the light of enthusiasm the new, advanced technique we let us blinded by selfishness and forget our original ancestry. Man belongs namely still very much to the primates, even the human brain can learn thousand times more than any other animal brain. Our genealogical ties to the animals are clearly reflected in the human behavior of good and evil in an uncertain world around us.

The purpose of genetics also include eliminating severe and well-defined diseases, including an amount of hereditary diseases. The research results can lead to new therapies for elimination of such as cancer and AIDS. That will of course be a welcome, medical positive ring we should accept with a grateful, open mind. At the same time disappears suddenly some "ethical nodes " in the fantastic discovery that miracles can be created and controlled by man himself. Outside the "divine grace", that may still have a hand in the evolutionary game, on living conditions and species renewals.

The organ transplants of today with heart, kidney and liver has become an attractive specialist process, and patient indication, so the acute shortage of donor organs is proclaimed as disastrous. Later transplantation experiments with for example ovaries, small intestines etc are in a biased eruption.

The problem today with a great lack of donor organs from people will, in about 10-15 years, could be managed by organ transplantations from animals to humans. They will start to breed pigs and monkeys (especially baboons) as heart donores. Industrialized donor farms will grow as spare parts store for living bodies of flesh and blood, for further function of the human body.  Almost as spare parts for cars.

The paradoxial dilemma is at a time with negligence and abuse of both children and animals,  animal donors will be looked after better than our children. Here we may want to question the logic in distortion of proportion.

All this concerns the need of incentives and verification of our time to "turn one's back towards" to natural concepts. We are at a  time-
mental development level, where the unspoken desire in reality is that man one day will have full control over life and death. We will be caused to follow the new great incredible, scientific opportunities, whether we like it or not.

Génetic transplantation (or géne therapy) is the the next, incalculable step towards new horizons of géne revolution which will challenge our humanity.   A theoretical assumption may be that géne therapy will one day be a complement and a gradual replacement of the known transplantation methods.  In the case of for example heart disease, has the U.S. already long conducted experiments to remove cholesterol in the blood, by géne replacement in liver cells.

In the human organism is about 100.000 genes, located in our nucleus with the 23 pairs of chromosomes. The so-called "Genome Project" is a mapping of the genes which contain the human genome. Four billion molecular "literal character" (DNA) must here be identified and recorded. A gigantic count that is expected completed around the year 2000, nearly 700 years before expected.

ere begins the unimaginable future perspective of the brave new world, that will wipe out its current limitations. To penetrate the mysteries of the genes are some of the most important in the world for researchers and doctors. They get excited and gripped by prospects, without see to the sides.  while research continuation manage to cross the border

Treatment options can for example be the replacement of diseased genes in the human organism. Or new kind of medicine, adapted genes to the function in our body. Then one will begin to improve human instead of only to cure diseases. Round the corner is waiting the desire of eugenics and the large commercial interest. Scientists have in fact difficulties to keep track and manage the "developing animal" they help to feed.

Therefore, we must not just accept everything what is going on in the domains of test tubes, white coats and microscopes. To leave human frustration and feeling of powerlessness hope of fixated resignation for survival is an inheritance burden on future children.  A legitimate concern about researchers and politicians decisions should be respected. Where power is located, is also crucial responsibility for continuation of life on this planet.

The issue of the authorized  géne registration and gén testning of people require new ethical, almost "visionary" decisions through international cooperation, which is under way. While the intensity of which with everything and all through is recorded, grows the question of the individual humans right in freedom and identity to say yes or no in the processing of future operations.

There're not time spending to inform common understanding and inquire majority of population before decisions are taken over the heads of all of us. Registration of our nearly 100.000 genes and the extensive knowledge it brings, will completely change our perception of life

Science can hurt, especially if it is new and just seems difficult for us to consider. Again, man's curiosity well in front of a rational prevention of erratic lifestyles consequences - when "The hunt for eternal life" begins.
To penetrate to the genes mysteries  become one of
the importance
in the world of researchers and physicians. We are right now at a time
on mental development level,

where the desire of all desires are,
that man one day get full control over

life and death, writes artist Dan Civa

The possibilities of manipulation with géne therapy which are already in genetics borderland, where the "signposts" of génetic registration leads beyond merely healing of serious, life-threatening diseases. It becomes possible to change genetically by social behavior issues such as crime, alcoholism, gambling, psychological problems, etc. Soon are taken political position regarding the proposal on genetically sorting of labor.

And human individual intelligence and temperament will even be able for changing-manipulation. When opportunities increases, there'll be used more animals and humans. And abuse of géne therapy in irresponsible attempts, always leads to diseases, suffering and death.

The incalculable, existential future dilemma, that génetic engineering meet us ahead, concern us all and especially the children. We must all have the ability to respond to future requirements, if they unreasonably prejudice our desire for a continued nuanced sensitive human life.  If democracy is the individual's will and rights of participation, we must all be respected for an allowance, liability driven mind and consistency consciousness.

This state of consciousness should provide the individual man a privileged right of freedom to decide over own body, soul and lifestyle. Research is always influenced by time and mentality, and should probably have more framework, but for the foreseeable, altruistic point of view.

In the light of génetic engineering man acquired a new dimension of crafting to get his way. Past theories and our times intrusiveness melts together in the wildest performances of reality. With the key to life itself human power will use génetic engineering technique to mass produce human clones (uniform reproduction) as it already is more and more going on with animals and plants.

This cloning can lead to human androids (robots) as the Japanese working hard to be the first. And what more? - Now everything is possible! One can only guess wether the key to life itself, the researchers believe they have found,  is identical to the fruit on "Tree of Life".  
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