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Wednesday 12. March 2003   

Bodies have been a commercial product
like the meat in supermarkets
coolers creates a growing market

By Dan Civa, pictorial artist

  WHEN THE DEBATE about organ transplantation now is beginning to emerge again, why not tell it like it is actually in our time? The transplantation of organs from human to human is a modern form of 'civilized cannibalism' in a pardoned, medically light and with public acceptance. On cannibalism there are interesting stories that go back thousands of years.

Cannibalism to sustain life in modern times known from an emergency for example in the German concentration camps, etc. But beyond the shocking examples of insanity murder cannibals is cannibalism, most related to religious ritual actions of primitive peoples. Eating a deceased bodies belongs to an ancient belief that it is possible to transfer the deceased power to a living person.

What is new is that living bodies are transferred under the title transplantation. Here, the technological development can defend moral problem with human life extension. This needs for man will always be an alternative to natural rules adjustment of life and death. As a time-affected man, I have no ethical qualms about transplants ambitions as long as we do not cause coercion, suffering and death for organ donors (humans or animals). Unfortunately, it is found that the reality is quite different.

Examples from South and Central America confirms that children and young people are being killed so their hearts, eyes, kidneys, liver can be sold. The children who are allowed to survive, is crippled for life. Deprivation and powerlessness in poor countries impose the temptation to fast money, where the organized trafficking of organs must be met by high paying clinics and clients in the Western world. After the South African surgeon Christian Barnard 36 years ago did the world's first heart transplant, the organ transplant merchants and craftsmen contributed to an increased demand and uncontrollabel speculation on life and death. Organs have been a commodity, which, like the meat in supermarkets' refrigerated display cases, creating a growing market. This is also one of the truths behind it proclaimed the problem today with a great shortage of organ donors., Yes, man has always known how to exploit the misery and hope commercially, in every good as well as the bad situation in war and in peace.
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