weekendavisen, Denmark
15. - 21. July 1994               
The Forbidden Pictures



Existentialism messages sought in these years provoked through installation objects of art-illusions, happenings and other spillovers from Dadaism, Fluxus-movement etc. The interesting manifests itself only when the challenge is amplified by focusing in the media, and often ends up as a momentary suggestionseffect. Peoples curiosity will be confirmed on the outrage, documentary visibility because it is present in our everyday lives, and therefore easier to take moral position. After such frenzy of enthusiasm, our fast changeable mentality in time again put distance from reality in the soft armchairs self-confidence of neutrality

While we look over the newspaper edges dangers TV report sanguinary cruelties of war, death, violence, hunger and second misery across the screen. A push on a button, and the reality get abstracted into fictional reflections from the action factories of Hollywood.

But the difference is similar when imagination distancing itself from past theories and our times fiktion- intrusion in the realitys wildest performances. Anything can thus be seen as artistic, transient aspects metamorforisk movement of life around us. In the visual arts known styles (isms), techniques and temperaments, there is no actual development, but many exciting biased changes.

Barrier-breaking art, I compare with for example. discoveries in research, especially in genetic engineering. Here flows the new information every second through an open door there no more can be closed. Man found the key to this door and thus the beginning of life itself and its evolution on our planet Earth. How art has to cross borders, bringing new messages about life and death and all things mystery, albeit in a metaphysical language art can result in present research in broad perspective.

The pioneering development in our era is the "evolutionary art" created by science, technology researchers. And with human curiosity will this trend continue, it may be unstoppable. The artist can then look researcher over his shoulder and be inspired to the pictorial securing of new tecnological opportunities. Here starting the brave new world unimaginable future perspective that will obliterate its limitations.

When my sense of reality, along cumbersome detours in recent years, was confirmed by my pictures incredible advance authenticity was it with wagging fingers. It is forbidden pictures, because some of these can not be bounded by hypothetical assumptions, and therefore even is too revealing to be displayed publicly, they said. Despite indirect censorship, I will continue striving for a truth-seeking knowledge through artistic freedom. In the expectant hope of more research openness. There is much debate about academic freedom, like myself, with great respect for research can accept, but within reasonable humanitarian framework. Doubt to meet me where you dare not show the truth because it is frightening and difficult to take the immediate position on. In the public light outside the test tubes agree, the white gowns and microscopes of the domains, the words of theories are many. The experimental results available to images are few, since most are secret.

With new times emergence new life forms that goes beyond the vegetative and animal genetic engineering and cloning. My genetically manipulated painting pictures with particular Human Animals has been influenced by research knowledge in several countries. As already confirmed mutation realistic examples, the future research could use my photos for a further working basis. So far, I have to bend me and reflect on the question whether this kind of image prophetic material is too provocative to appear publicly in this country?

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