Dan Civa

Contemporary Artist     *     Biography

Painter  of realistic/expressive style and technique in wide-ranging, extensive pictorial subjects.
Art Academy & Free Art Art School & Self-taught.  Born 1939 in the southern part of Denmark on the 
borderland to Germany. Residence in Copenhagen, Denmark and in  North East Thailand 

Subjects in paintings:  animals, people, places and nature, using warm colors, influenced from
long time staying in  the Far East with kinship in Sri Lanka and Thailand. Glowing art works with motifs
from  Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Denmark, depict a number of  experiences among  colourful people in
different stories of everydays life style and  temperaments.  
Painter of new abstractions with motifs of animals, nature, people and life around  us

Special subjects since 1988:  Human Animal in paintings and drawings with the combination of
human being and animal, referring to coming possibilities in the future of genetic engineering.
Ideas and inspiration  comes  from a personal interest in experiments and new ways
of thinking by results in science and research, today and tomorrow.

Oil paintings and drawings, in realistic style, are reflecting portrait examples of transgenetic manipulation with human beings
and animals.  Probably a hypothetical, imaginary development of today, but a foreseeable realistic possibility of tomorrow

VLTV interview (Danish) in June 1997  > http://youtu.be/ZeiM5-AYno4 <


Resume of the past:  Educated as Artistic Decorator of Window Displays 1953-1957. Special School
1958-1959 with diploma and 3 x highest grade in chromatology and theory of colour composition

Allround Freelance  Decorator and Sign Writer/Illustrator 1961-1981 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Interior Designer and joinery for different lines of business. Study travels to differnt countries
Art Academy & Free Art School & Self taught with several study travels

Privately owned galleries called 'Civa Gallery' 1980-1984 and 'Species Gallery' 1995-1999, Copenhagen, Denmark
Emigration to Sri Lanka 1983-1984.  Back to Denmark 1984.  Living in Thailand since 1996

Established the arrangement "Art Studio Project" from October 1988 - January 1989 with Dan Civa
as organizer, exhibitor and player in zoo-cage studio.  Dayly, public contemplation + many visitors. Good publicity

Art-exhibitions since 1968: Public Galleries and 140 Art Associations
Participation in Hanging Committee Exhibitions 22 times
Art Houses, Art Centers, Art Museums and other places
Artist Of The Month (November 2009) in Digital Consciousness >  click here
Interview in Artabus >
http://www.artabus.com/danciva/?art=interview <

Travels: Thailand, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cambodia, African countries,
Israel, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Germany, Holland, Sweden

Literary activity: articles, feature articles, letters etc. in the dayly press since 1978 writing 
about genetic engineering, art and art life, outlook on life, human behaviour, psychology and 
other subjects i a realistic/philosophical language.

Press since 1976:  Extensive articles in the dayly news, magazines, local TV and broadcast.

Weilbachs Art Encyclopedia volume 2/1994.  Extract from 2 column: "Characteristic for all  
paintings is the strong colors and a high degree of technical perfection".

N.W.C. art critic, October 2007                    
contact:  dan.civa@yahoo.com
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